We develop smarter integrative cost-effective simpler ways to improve employee wellbeing.

Why Choose us?

Our Principles

The key principles we founded our business on are:

Be pragmatic & innovative

For example, we don't focus on replacing existing policies but instead build on existing health and wellbeing approaches adopted within your organisation. We use existing networks to help create wellbeing champions, develop support networks and a wellbeing community that will benefit your organisation and the quality of life for your workforce and their families.

Keep it simple

We believe that if it’s overly complicated, or involves a lot of on-going effort and commitment from staff, it's unlikely to work in the long term.

Focus on consolidation before expansion

We focus on ways of making your current resources work better before considering additional interventions. For example, uniting and integrating your current ‘wellbeing-related’ resources will make them easier to find.

Consider untapped resources

Many organisations ignore a wealth of potential wellbeing resources available to them. We look for natural ‘free’ resources within each organisation as well as untapped external resources.

Engage and empower ‘wellbeing champions’

Wellbeing champions can help you create a wellbeing community within your organisation, capture all the great stuff that’s already happening and better target local needs and opportunities.

Make it last

We focus on creating wellbeing strategies and solutions that maintain momentum in the long term.